The Core Curriculum

What This Course Will Cover

1. The Basics:

Setting up your account, email, accepting payments.

2. Storefront:

Creating and uploading your banners, profile image, creating a rotating quote banner, custom categories.

3. Supplies:

Devices, software, clipart, fonts, and your color palette.

4. Product Creation:

Step by step product creation including a thank you page/credit page and a link to more products.

5. Listing Your Resources:

Upload your product, a preview, creating a title, description, add links, set the product type, price, and images.

6. Promoting Your Shop:

Newsletter, Social Media, Pinterest

7. All Those Extras:

The little things that you learn along the way. Sometimes it's better to have a list to refer to as you come across situations. There will still be more to learn, but we will be covering the majority of it right here!

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