Basic Tools and Set Up of Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator means you will be making an investment into your design business. There are some tools that cost as much as or more than the Adobe suite, but none of them are as efficient and powerful as the Adobe products.

I’ve tried Canva, PowerPoint, and free versions of Photoshop in the 9 years I have been designing online graphics.

Adobe Creative Cloud is by far the better investment and design program.

Unfortunately, the $9.99 that they advertise for a month of Creative Cloud is a little deceiving. It includes Photoshop or Photoshop and Lightroom. It does NOT include Illustrator.

The upside is that when you pay the $19.99/mo as an educator you can download more than just Illustrator or Photoshop. Take advantage of this and get Adobe Acrobat as well. I’ll be teaching you how to use that as well when you are designing your PDF’s for products.

If you like photography then you can take advantage of Lightroom and their are programs for video editing as well. With the monthly fee, you have access to all of them!

Click the banner below to visit the Adobe site and sign up for your free trial and/or subscription:

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